the no-knit no-sew series: wool & thread

this next group of tutorials offers a chance to work with wool, yarn, and thread without knitting or crocheting a stitch.
(photo and tutorial courtesy of purl bee)
this felt ball trivet from purl bee is a simple enough project that also teaches a technique for knotting that can be used for beaded jewelry. aside from this cute trivet (a good gift), you can apply this tutorial to a lot of other projects.
(photo and tutorial courtesy of purl bee)
i love the stitches on these sampler pillows, again from purl bee. pillowcases are a nice medium for experimenting and this tutorial offers a nice guide for learning stitches that are not as complicated as they might look. you could use these stitches on tote bags, shirts, tablecloths, hand towels...

(photo and tutorial courtesy of purl bee)

in addition to the pillows above, this is an awesome guide to all kinds of needlework, a tutorial i'll be consulting when i start to embroider an antique embroidery pattern i bought at brimfield antique markets this summer.

another simple craft is this "diy necklace" from jenny gordy of wikstenmade for lucky magazine. (wikstenmade is one of my favorite blogs and designers, and i love the patterns i have bought from her). i have started braiding some embroidery floss, but haven't found the right beads - i like pairing of the metal beads with the yarn and string.

(photo and tutorial courtesy of purl bee)

finally, yet another half-finished project i've done! i've gotta get my act together. i started felting some roving for this felted garland a couple days after christmas, so maybe by next christmas i'll have a garland. you could make this any time and use any combination of colors.


last of the series will be cloth.

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