the no-knit no-sew series: cloth

before i wrap up my little craft project series, i have to thank julia from rennes for her post on my humanoid sweater! i saw her post a few weeks back about making her own version, so when i completed mine, i emailed her, and i had no idea she would post my sweater! that's so nice! i can't wait to see hers.
(photo and tutorial courtesy of design*sponge)
and for the last of the no-knit no-sew, we have fabric. these argyle sock vases might be the most simple, and probably the coolest thing you've never thought of for your mismatched socks that you can't part with. i saw a similar post way back on the haystack needle too. unfortunately, i don't have socks that cute. it crossed my mind to look at salvation army, but i am not so fond of feet and that thought went fleeting.

(photo and tutorial courtesy of design*sponge)

i love the idea of rubber stamping fabric, and again, it doesn't have to just be on a dishtowel. i was drawn to this particular stamped picture, in fact - i would probably frame it and hang it on the wall!

(photo and tutorial courtesy of poppytalk)
i LOVE this project, another from Arounna Khourannaj from Boukhou for poppytalk. i would probably turn this into a placemat (i know, how many trivets should i really post because how many trivets do you need? i don't even have one). i'm a sucker for things that looked old, weathered, worn, and ripped and this another good repurpose. i like the DIY loom too.

(photo and tutorial courtesy of design*sponge)
this is probably the most ambitious but i think this canvas calendar from design*sponge is so cool. the computer/printing part stumps me a little, but i'm sure if i focused i could get it. you could get super-creative with this one, and if you are more computer-savvy than me, this would be a fun one and you could add embroidery to your repertoire.
that's it for the no-knit no-sew, maybe it will lead to more of these types of projects of my own...

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