demi is finally here

It's done! And I think I like it. I realize that yet another Demi sweater in undyed Fisherman's Wool is the least interesting thing on Ravelry now, but I'm excited to have made it, AND this is the first time ever that once I finished knitting something, I missed knitting it. Usually I want to throw it out the window when I'm done. This was fun and always kept my attention.

  • I added length to the hem and the overall length of the body.
  • And I added like 4 inches or something to the arms because I have long arms and I like the sleeves extra-long.
  • I did a 3-stitch bobble instead of 5-stitch.
Things I Learned:
  • I love cabling without a cable needle! I am unlikely to use a cable needle again.
  • Definitely preferred working in the round, and using dpn's on the sleeves, if for nothing else but to be able to try on repeatedly.

Finally, I found these deep cherry-red buttons at What Cheer? (DAMN I love this store) and was psyched because cream and deep cherry-red is one of my favorite color combinations.
This is why I can't model: