finally a humanoid

boy, i dragged this one out.

i finally {sort of} finished my humanoid knock-off. a little over two years ago i saw this sweater from garmenthouse (then green olives design) and when i traced it back to the original humanoid sweater, i was super-excited to pull it off. i bought the yarn in july 2009, cast on in october 2009 and sewed the buttons on this past saturday. i guess i got distracted along the way.

happy-ish with:
1. the little holes
2. the faux inside-out raglan seam
3. the front placket
4. the sleeves
not so happy with:
1. the fact that i can't take a decent picture.
2. the width and the length (oh, kind of important, right?)
3. my too-tight bind off of the hem
4. my wonky left shoulder collar
over the almost two years that i first discovered this, i've noticed a number of other attempts to make this, all seeming to be inspired by garmenthouse's pioneer attempt. i had no idea it would inspire so many people, but i guess i'm not surprised. i'm sure there will be many others, and hopefully they'll fix what i did wrong (i realize several of my not-so-happy list are fixable, but ugh. i don't feel like it. maybe in another year and a half)

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  1. hey, this looks great - really! A+ to you.