tova top

hey, i made another wiksten pattern! these patterns are so incredibly well-made. the only modification i made was to adjust the pattern to use french seams because i don't have a serger. and i actually can't believe it turned out ok - it's just my second time doing french seams. the only thing i screwed up was not clipping the corners on the front placket, so the seam is thick and the gathers in front are a little funky. doing gathers with french seams was a little tricky.
i want this vintage fabric to be some kind of awesome wool blend, but truth be told, it's probably polyester. meh. and the save the day story? when all i had left was the collar, i burned the right shoulder with the iron! what?! i was a little heartbroken, but kept my cool and went straight to bed. the next day i cut out a piece of fabric for a yoke in back like a western-style shirt and i Saved The Shirt. and then i forgot to take picture of that. maybe i'll add it later.
look at this dorky picture. i need modeling lessons.

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