indefinite hiatus

I haven't fallen off the deep end, but my laptop has.  The hard drive fried 2 1/2 weeks ago and I'm mostly sort of loving being forced of the internet.  I started reading again!  (And I've only read my blog reader twice!  Whoa.)

Anyways, my only access is a 7-year-old laptop that is excruciatingly slow and most certainly can't handle uploading pictures.  When I can afford something new?  Who knows.  So the blog is on hold indefinitely, but hopefully one day I'll be back.

This is a bummer because this weekend I will be attending the first (that we know of) DC/MD/VA blogger meet-up.  But I'm kind of not a blogger anymore, just a blogger-poseur.  :(


where am i

Whoa.  Life has caught up with me.  A surprise super-long family visit (with guests staying in the sewing room!), a weekend away, a hurricane (although I actually got a little sewing done) and then a week of some flu kind of thing.  I'm going through some serious sewing withdrawal.

So to start catching up, here are some baby gifts I made for my good friend Kim to give at her baby shower almost a month ago.
(Obviously this is not Kim's baby - he's not here yet and obviously would not be that big if he was!  This is another friend's 16-month-old daughter who I visited earlier in the day.  She had, uh, mixed feelings about being my model.)

I love these bandana bibs from Purl Soho's tutorial - so much cooler than regular bibs.  I thought Kim's rockstar husband might approve too.

And a newborn hat/bootie set made from Sirdar Snuggly Bamboo.