rapid gratification

different than instant gratification, this is what happens when you knit with big chunky yarns, especially when you haven't done so in quite some time...
and you get a warm, cabled, earflap hat in less than 24 hours!

and my favorite part was that i was able to knit this just so.... that the yarn pictured below is all i had left! i love that!

the hat is 18 seconds to sunrise, knit with a locally grown/spun yarn from "west elm" with the following modifications:
  • CO 60 sts (my gauge was a little bigger than 3st/in)
  • i used 6 st cables instead of the 8st cables in the pattern, so i started with k6 p4
  • i only completed rows 1-16, then 1-3 or 4, since the hat was long enough and that's what i had enough yarn for. somehow i modified the decreases, but don't really remember specifics
  • i knotted the i-cords instead of tassels, and they are my favorite part of the hat.

as for another quick knit:

cottage slipper socks, technically my first socks (but more to come later). the only mods i made were to CO 24 instead of 28 so that they were shorter (and so that, again, i had enough yarn). i like these a lot and both of these have already gotten a lot of use this cold january, but unfortunately i didn't take a picture of the socks before they already started to look quite worn.
the theme here is adventurous knitting, aka knitting while realizing you may be running out of yarn very soon... more on this in the next post.

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