wiksten tank!

i think this is my new favorite thing i have made. i ordered the pattern for the wiksten "perfect summer tank" - i was very excited because, for now, that is the only wiksten item i can afford. i waited patiently :) and it came last week! i traced the pattern, cut it and sewed it up and finished friday, but it took me a few days to take pictures and find my camera.

the stripes at the neckline are a little funky, but overall i was happy with my sewing (i centered the stripes and i like how it came out and i accidentally got the pocket to match perfectly). but i was REALLY happy with the pattern - wow, so well-made. and i've never sewn something that was finished so nicely. i had never done french seams before! they were so easy, i'm going to do them all the time.
french seams and armhole binding: (can you believe this is the inside of the shirt?! it looks so nice!)

going to make the dress and another tank.

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