continuing on the theme of risky knitting (knitting without knowing if you really are going to have enough yarn to finish - the thrills!), i ripped the crown out four times before reaching the right balance between a decent length in the hat and the amount of yarn i had left.
this is tetsubou, a design by kirsten johnstone, whose blog i follow and where i first saw this hat. i love here designs and her photography. her tetsubou is much nicer than mine.

felted tweed was so-so for this project. i don't hate it or love it. my favorite part of the hat are the flaps, although the second flap was tricky to get straight, picking up the right stitch from the right column. i did not knit the full 7 inches of the hat and can't remember what i did, but wish i could have knit this a little bigger and a little longer.

in order to maximize my small amount of yarn, when i was getting close to the end, i unravelled my little ball of yarn, and made the i-cord on that end, and left it on the ball, so that i knew how much i needed for the i-cord. know what i mean?

and i also love the twirling star pattern of the crown decreases.
wow, snow days really help me keep up with this blog. and let me craft with reckless abandon. more on this soon too.

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