yard sale loot 4.24

yard sales are my favorite three season sport. today was opening day! i did pretty well; everything in this picture cost $14. i also got a 2-person tent for $20, and later in the day i was walking to the community garden where i now have a plot (!!!) and i passed another yard sale. i picked up a cashmere sweater and a red metal bucket for $3.

pictured above: long cashmere cardigan, printed halter dress, bedside table, burlap coffee bag, pompom strands, vintage green suitcase, spice rack, individual ceramic spice canisters.

i'm almost finished taking in the sides of the cashmere sweater and will be taking in the dress and taking up the hem.


not too proud of this one

i made these quickly and poorly. i was really excited to use a vintage sheet of my mom's to make pajama pants from sewing green. i was so excited that i sped through them and the sewing is really pretty terrible. fortunately, no one will really ever see this besides me (ben would never notice) and i am going put a little more care into it from now on.

apparently the quality of the pictures is on par with the quality of the sewing.

however - i like these a lot. i used the edge of the sheet for the cuff/hem, rather than sewing on cuffs, and i added a little length. next time, i'm going to use the smaller pattern size and add another inch or two to the length. the lightweight, broken-in fabric is so comfortable.

crazy coincidence - when i first went to make these pants, i found that the vintage sheet i wanted to use was the exact same one used in the book! then i realized i liked them too much to cut into them and would rather put them on my bed.


overtaking manhattan

here is my second version of taking manhattan from twinkle sews. i love this one even more - the fabric is a funky version of polka dots on linen. modifications i made include adding length, narrowing the a-line, and removing the drawstring from the cowl. hard to see, but i kept the kangaroo pocket. another $6 shirt and i like this one more than the last one. sorry for the crappy pictures, photography is not my strong point, although i want it to be.


old news

i made this bag about six months ago or so. woops. i forgot to post it. actually, i made it with the intention of building an inventory of bags to sell, and then realized i like it too much and wanted to keep it. i really love both fabrics and the combo of the two, and even how the green zippers fits into the mix. otherwise, it's just another bucket bag.
up next... catching up on things i've been meaning to post.