the positive side of snow days

sharing company with extra sleep and long hours in pajamas, plugging through a pile of knitting and sewing is one of the perks of a horrendous ice/snow tangle. i had such a great snow day on tuesday! i hadn't gotten on the sewing machine in quite some time and LOVE my new slippers:
these are recycled sweater slippers from sewing green. i love them so much more than i thought i would - they are made from an old yard sale sweater that i machine-felted. the only modification i made was to make the toe a little less pointy and elf-like.

they are so warm. i guess they should be if you're basically wrapping a wool sweater around your wool-socked feet.

and my favorite part is the striped denim fabric i used for the soles - i love how it looks with the taupe slippers. everything was stitched with contrasting red thread, but it only shows up in the close-up of the soles below.

to add to my repurposed clothing collection i made two "quick fix grocery bags" from this wonderful tutorial from the blog //Between the lines// (who last week received much deserved credit after good housekeeping originally posted this as an original tutorial of theirs. what?!)

this one has become my new lunch bag.

and this one is hard to see the slits because of the pattern, but i love the pattern so i don't care - this will probably turn into a beach bag this summer. this far, far away summer.

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