knitting disciple

a few weeks ago i taught my best friend to knit. this was very thrilling for me, probably more so than it should have been, but i've always been dying to teach someone to knit. being this excited, or maybe because i think i'm the jesus of knitting, i erroneously started to call her my knitting "disciple" one day. i'm quite full of myself. that should probably be something more like "pupil" or maybe "scholar."

nonetheless, the fruit of her labors:

i'm very proud. 2x2 rib in the round for a first time knit. not bad. (actually, i'm also a little embarassed - she is much better than i was when i started).


given and to be given

a few more from the christmas season (one of which still needs to be given. a christmas present finished in november and given in february. of course.)

i really loved making this bag. i woke up one sunday morning and i decided i wanted to make this for one of my best friends and put it together in a couple hours, which is a record for me. it's gigantic and the pictures don't really show it; when i put it on the bottom falls below my hip, and i'm 5'10". i love gigantic bags. the hat is an unslouchy version of slouchy mama and looks better on my blonde friends with smaller heads (so hopefully it will look good on the recipient, who fits the bill).


get your act together

well, i'll probably never really do that. but i might try to revive this blog now that it's been good and dead for so long. there have been no shortage of projects to post, so i'll work on catching those up. above is the family christmas list (given, not received).
next post will be the friend christmas list and pretty soon that might bring us to the present tense.