I thought I swore off knitted stuffed animals, but my friends keep having adorable babies and I keeping knitting them up (that sounds like if your baby wasn't cute I wouldn't knit it one).  This one is officially the least crooked one I've made.  He has a cute little face, huh?  It's also the first time I haven't butchered a face with over-embroidering. 

He's a little guy - in this photo he's sitting in my hand next to a coffee mug.

The Koala Baby from Susan B. Anderson's Koala Mama and Baby

Gray - Seedling (100% organic cotton)
White - I forget, but something similar to Berroco Plush
Black - Luna (100% organic cotton)

Shortened the arms because he doesn't have a mama to wrap them around (that sounds so sad, doesn't it?)
Left out the optional fingers and toes.

My only regret is not taking a photo of the little one with her koaley.


and we're knitting again

It's been quite a while, but I just cast on some lovely Quince & Co. Chickadee in Peacock thanks to this:

I love me a good yarn crawl.  Four more stores tomorrow!


learning to take a picture

A good friend and I took a "photo tour" in DC today - we were the only ones who didn't know much about shooting outside of automatic mode!  The theme of the tour was "street photography" - taking pictures of strangers!  I loved it and was stressed out by it at the same time.  And now I just want to go do it again.

There were many levels of challenge to this - being confident enough to snap pictures of strangers (and deal with some of the consequences), composing the picture, and then trying to practice using manual settings.  I got home and saw how overexposed and overly bright my pictures were and it finally clicked - my aperture is too low (am I right Kristina?!).

Despite almost all of these being too bright (and me not knowing how to save my edits in picasa when I try to increase the shadows), here are the few shots that I liked.  This first one is the only successful candid shot I got - all the rest of these but one other were after I asked permission.  Keep in mind that my lens does not zoom at all, so I have to be UP IN PEOPLE'S FACES.  Little stressful.  But I LOVED it.  I want to be the next sartorialist.

If only you could hear the soul music blasting from his boombox.  He was such a nice man, what a sweetheart.

Out of focus!  That's the other thing - I can't manually focus fast enough under the pressure I feel to snap a quick picture.  I put the camera into autofocus shortly after this.

Too bright!

I like the shot of this man, but it would be nice to see what the protest signs behind him said, right?

And my lovely friend Kim, with whom I took the class (and whose great pictures you can check out on her blog!) wouldn't be so washed out if I just learned to play around with that "f" number!

And this nice man, whose gelato Kim tried to steal, would be in focus, rather than his shirt, if I had changed that f-stop.  Right?

Live and learn (I say that a lot on this blog), but now that it "clicked" I'm dying to run outside and try again.  In Baltimore, at 9:30 at night, we are not going to do that though.  Patience.

I just need a new excuse now when I try to take strangers' pictures again now. Tell them I'm taking pictures for my fabulous fashion blog?  Ha!  Or I need a stealth zoom lens...


vintage shopping in arizona

 A dress from Incahoots in Flagstaff for $23...

 My rust-colored tights didn't make it in the picture, so here they are with a close-up of the pattern...

 A dress from How Sweet it Was in Tucson for $19...

The belt is also from How Sweet it Was - do you already know that the trick to fixing vintage clothes that are too big is to throw a belt on?  I didn't until a fashionable former coworker told me.  Genius, because that first dress above is too big, as is the pile of alterations I'm supposedly going to complete one day.

Hand-printed fabric from Eclectic Flea in Tucson... $4!!!!  It's now hanging on the wall next to our dining table, as you can see above...

And a Chimayo weaving for $9, from Eclectic Flea as well.

I could take ten more trips to Arizona and still want to see and do more.  I love the stuff we saw, did, and got, not to mention some awesome Day of the Dead stuff as well.  We were so close to Mexico, I would have loved to cross the border...