the no-knit no-sew series: paper

(photo courtesy of design*sponge)

i have been lucky enough to be part of a new weekly craft night full of lovely ladies - three of whom i taught how to knit! (making my total of knitters added to the world FIVE). this group made me think it would be nice to have a compilation of interesting, doable crafts for the no-knit/no-sew crew. hence the no-knit no-sew series.

the first installment, paper.

(photo and tutorial courtesy of design*sponge)

i own a similar scrap-paper journal i bought at a craft show in cambridge a few years ago - i would love to make my own with this recycled paper journal tutorial from design*sponge, from the bbcraft sisters (it looks like there are a lot of good crafts on their blog too). making a nicely-bound journal might not as difficult as one might imagine. mine is made up of old math worksheets, graph paper, and typed lists.

(photo and tutorial courtesy of poppytalk)

i love this paper garland from Arounna Khounnoraj of bookhou for poppytalk - the paper scraps are cut out paper doll-style, and i love the look of magazine scraps. there is certainly room for creativity in this one.

(photo and tutorial courtesy of design*sponge)

i am halfway (or more) through this line-a-day vintage postcard calendar from ashleyannphotography for design*sponge. i stamped every day of the year, but got stuck trying to find the right container! that, and my backordered one line a day journal arrived, although i thought there was a chance that this calendar would be a nice gift for a soon-to-be mom i know. a line a day could be a realistic goal to track memories while you chase around a little one over the years.

(photo and tutorial courtesy of design*sponge)

this is yet another cool paper tutorial from design*sponge (can you tell they have a ton of wonderful diy tutorials?) i wish there was more letter writing going on in the world, but maybe this could be encouragement. although this requires more "equipment," i love the stamp-making.
next up: wool and yarn

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