the sock bug

i think i caught it! i knit my first pair of socks for my mom's birthday, inspired by these posts from wikstenmade. i always thought sock knitting was bizarre (a lot of effort for something you put in your shoes) and i knew that was like, knitting blasphemy, but i didn't think it made sense. but then when i heard that the socks FEEL really good, i was intrigued.
my photos, as usual, leave something to be desired. how do you photograph socks? these are olympian socks made from madeline tosh sock yarn. i liked the squishiness of sock yarn, and this was a nice color ("ox blood" was handwritten on the label. lovely). i, impatient as ever, made the cuffs shorter, which looks a little weird off the foot, but i think ok on.

i liked it so much i bought my next sock yarn - quince & co. wool from knit wit in portland, maine (hello, i just read quince & co.'s website and i had no idea they are american-made from american animals and it sounds like they may care about how the animals are treated. i did not even know all this good information when i bought this yarn.) and, this store was awesome too. adding to how much i love portland.

so down the road, there may be more socks... after another sweater and a hippo. and look at this humanoid knock-off from rennes, who posted pictures of MY humanoid knock-off last week!

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  1. I completely sympathize with your feelings about sock knitting. I'm obsessed, but it doesn't make any sense!