a little corduroy pouch

i made these little pouches - sort of a miniature version of this bag - and gave the one on the left to my brother's girlfriend for christmas (they are here visiting right now!) they kept coming out not-quite-right in my opinion. the one on the left was made first and i wasn't happy with the shape (too tall and narrow) so the second one was an attempt to fix that - i cut a polygon rather than a square, with the top longer than the bottom before pleating. i think the shape of the pleated section came out well, but i wish i had made the top panel thinner. maybe i'll try a third one.
i didn't take pictures of the linings, but used a vintage replica barkcloth-like fabric (that i also used for our stockings last year, which i guess i never blogged) for the smaller one, and a lightweight white cotton with turquoise dots for the larger one.


  1. Anonymous14.1.11

    Love, Love, LOVE! The shape, the texture and the stripes!