wiksten tank, again

I know I've made three of these already (plus one for a friend) but I've had this fabric forever and love it, and that is just the best darn pattern to make a simple tank with.

The fabric is a slinky, scarf-like material with a crazy 70's-like pattern of women (sorry I didn't take a good close up).  Close up my stitching is terrible - I was in a bad mood and have learned long ago not to sew when that happens, and I also need to remember to SLOW DOWN when I'm stitching difficult spots/fabrics/whatever.  I start to go like a madwoman without paying attention and the stitching is all over the place.

The binding was the most difficult to sew, and I wonder now if I should have trimmed the seam allowance and done more of a rolled hem rather than try to fold it over the seam allowance, per the instructions.


  1. Neus Feliu3.7.12

    Very nice top and you've chosen a really nice fabric!!

  2. smunch3.7.12

    Thank you!

  3. Lovely fabric! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a closet full of Wiksten tanks :) Every time I plan on making something I have a couple of options and then just think...oh well, I'll just make another tank and I'll be done in no time and know it fits :))

  4. smunch6.7.12

    Thank you - that pattern is just such a good template to show off a fabric you love too.  I took a picture of this top draped over a chair to show the lightweight drapiness of it because you can't tell in these pictures, but then I accidentally deleted the picture.  Woops.  And I didn't want to take another one at night.

  5. Too bad you deleted it! I've found the tank really looks best with drapey fabric. I made one with quilting cotton once and while I still love the print the fabric is just too stiff for the pattern.