a few things.

in one weekend i finished a wiksten dress (the dress version of the wiksten tank) and the aidez sweater. i realize that sounds impressive until i admit that i started the aidez sweater a month and a half ago.
the wiksten dress was quick to whip up, and i added a lining because i used a gauzy linen - i did not think i would be able to do the lining well, but it ain't so bad! i love this vintage fabric (which i got for exactly $1 at a yard sale) and i have some more to play with. my only modification was to use the hem of the medium (the dress is a small), which basically added about 1/2" because i am tall.
the aidez sweater, while a relatively quick knit, took me longer because i knit the back all the way up to the armhole decreases and realized it was TOO SMALL. i stopped, put it in time out, and knit the two fronts the next size up. then i ripped that back out (all the while bitching about it, lucky ben), and knit it up again. thankfully cascade eco wool is nice and thick and knits quick.

  • because my gauge was too tight as always, i followed the directions for a M to end up somewhere between an XS and S.
  • because that meant my row gauge was bigger, i modified all the armhole decreases to decrease a little faster so the armholes weren't too big (and i have small arms). here are the modifications: follow the bind off sts as written, then knit one row even. at the first k2 and/or ssk decrease, do two instead of one. then when there are 6 decreases left, do two again. then when there are two left, do two at once again.
  • i kept the live stitches on needles at the top of the two front pieces and kitchener stitched them together.
  • this isn't really a modification, but i knit the sleeves at the same time and i looovved it. i hate finishing one and having to start from scratch with the first one and i always forget any modifications i made because i never write them down. so.... i am starting a pair of socks two at a time now too!

that's it for mods, folks. a really good pattern and it ended up fitting well - i didn't even add length. each sweater i knit so far i like better than the last one! and here is the sunwashed picture i like the best, unfortunately it really doesn't show you what i made...


  1. Both the dress and the sweater look amazing! I really love your fabric. I've been meaning to make a similar dress (I have the fabric all ready to go) but haven't had a few hours to sit down and do it.

    I have the same problem with gauge as well. I think it just means we're more precise than everyone else. :)

  2. thank you! the fabric was a score. ha! i always thought it meant i was tense and anal, but precise sounds good!

  3. whoa....just found your blog through ravelry. both of these are INCREDIBLE. the fabric is amazing, the cut of the dress, and the crazy detail on that sweater.

  4. wow, thank you so much! that's so nice.

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