surprise! it's a bag.

Going through my Nonna's scraps today, I came across something half-assembled.  I'm still not sure if it was meant to be a bag, or a pillowcase, or a practice of some sort.  Also in the scraps was what looks like a matching narrow curtain panel.  Anyways, I adore anything that was my grandmother's so even though it's not quite my style, it became a quick summer bag (although I guess the fabric is pretty cool).

I lined it with a simple, neutral linen and added a thick, short strap cut from a strip of the "curtain."  I initially got excited when I thought it was something my grandmother made, but the sewing was a little wild so I wonder now if this was something my mom or my aunt made while learning to sew.  Mom?  What do you think?  [Mom:  You can click on " __ Comments" below and respond if you want.  Or call me ;)]


  1. Rcuhrich9.7.12

    I clearly remember this fabric and I believe that Nonna did make pillow cases!  It is really cute - especially for the summer!  You are amazing....

  2. smunch9.7.12

    That's so cool!  I'm glad you remember it.  I love this bag now because of that!

  3. Kristina19.7.12

    I think the fabric is really cool and it looks good on you :) Why do you think it's not your style?

  4. smunch19.7.12

    Thanks! Hmm... it's grown on me since this post, but I think it was looking to bright and hippie-like. But I think it's more vintage than I gave it credit for.

  5. uh, the fabric is awesome! really adorable!

  6. smunch8.9.12

    Thank you!