Handmade Ryan Gosling via Pinterest

Gee, if only 12 people entered!  I love these Ryan Gosling pictures, whoever makes them is clever (I guess they stopped making new ones).  The giveaway is a big flop, so I'm going to close it - it's getting too pathetic and this way I can just give one bow to each.

It's a good reminder that I take myself too seriously on this thing and for most of the time I've had this blog I've had mixed feelings about it, maybe it's a reminder too that the cons outweigh the pros.  I don't like when it starts to feel like real life is what happens on the internet.

Danielle, if you want a bowtie, do you want to send me your address?  hiyalorn AT hotmail


  1. Shivani Atkinson28.6.12

    oh no! I was going to enter (I thought we had til Sunday! - I usually do my commenting/giveaway ending on the weekends with my Saturday breakfast).  I guess that still wouldn't make 12. I'm planning to host a giveaway soon... I'm totally expecting no more than 2 people to enter though ;)

  2. smunch28.6.12

    Hi Shivani - sorry about that - it was until Sunday but I figured three entries in a day and half (two of which are good friends of mine who I think are just being sweet), there was no point because I was getting embarassed.  I'll just make you one!  Which one do you like?  I think I have enough fabric left of each kind, or if you want fabric from a different project of mine in the past.

  3. Aw, I'm so sorry!Please don't feel bad about your blog just because of this!! I love reading and seeing what you're up to! I actually like it when blogs are small and cozy and don't have hundreds of comments, because you can take the time to connect to every one :)
    And btw I think those bowties are  adorable :) I just didn't think I'd wear it often and am trying to downsize my closet stuff, that's why I didn't enter.

  4. Kim Cord28.6.12

    don't you dare give up!

  5. i looooove the ryan gosling hey girl memes. and your blog/bow ties :). ooh btw our mini twinnie graduated the other day! so sad/cute! 

  6. Aw, I woulda entered, I was just a few days behind on the google reader! But more importantly, I empathize with your blog embarrassment...totally been there. I always have mixed feelings about blogging too.

    For what it's worth I really truly enjoy seeing what you make, and I agree with Kristina that through several rounds of "blogroll purging," i continue to keep the small intimate blogs where I feel like I kind of know the person, and unsubscribe from some super popular ones that for whatever reason I just don't feel as tied to.

    You just keep rockin' on with your bad self! And if you ever want to process about the mixed feelings around blogging, send me an email! We can have a (real) drink and a (virtual) kitchen chat :)

  7. smunch1.7.12

    Oh, it's ok, I think it bothered me more when I realized I had a little too much ego involved with the whole thing.  I don't want to be like that.  I guess I take it too personally when I make something myself.  You do make a good point about smaller blogs, thanks :)

    You don't have to explain why you didn't enter!  They're not for everybody.

  8. smunch1.7.12

    I'm not going to stop sewing or knitting or anything, but I'm not sure how I feel about the blog, I'm not good at not caring about getting approval from other people, I don't like that.

  9. smunch1.7.12

    Oh my goodness I wish I could have been there.  I bet it was awesome.

  10. smunch1.7.12

    Thanks, Katie!  It's true, Kristina's point is a good one that I agree with and I'm glad to look at it that way.  It's not a big deal, I had too much ego involved and I don't like that.

    Thanks for the real/virtual invite!  Too bad I don't live in Boston anymore, it would be fun to do a real/real one!

  11. Nparker7322.7.12

    Just found your blog through your wiksten tank post on burda and i really like your sewing style. Hoping to read more. Don't give up - I just found you!

  12. Shivani Atkinson2.7.12

    ah thanks - that's so kind! I'll leave the fabric choice up to you, if that's ok? Any will be super - they're so pretty! if you need to get in touch - my email address is pins_and_needles_blog [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk 

    thanks again! :)

  13. Kim Cord2.7.12

    Do it for YOU!

  14. smunch2.7.12

    Thanks, I'm glad to hear it.

  15. Neus Feliu3.7.12

    I would love to have entered! Don't give up!! ;) 
    I have a very similar experience, I think I had 14 people in my give away on December (open for almost two weeks...).I really like your blog!! I hope you  keep enjoying posting!
    Neus www.tinynicethings.blogspot.com

  16. smunch3.7.12

    That's nice to hear, I don't feel so stupid.  I probably should have just tolerated the embarassment and waited it out, I think I was too excited and impatient.  An ongoing problem of mine :)

    I like your blog too - thank you!

  17. Beth Wood6.7.12

    Don't feel bad! I think only 6 people entered my giveaway. 

  18. smunch6.7.12

    Thanks!  That does make me feel better knowing I'm not the only one :)