not feelin' it

Ok.  So I'm trying to be a little more honest about my blog posting and not try to only post the good stuff.  Sooo many blogs looks so perfect (I am not naive enough to think mine looks perfect - take a look around) and I know many others share my feelings of annoyance and/or ineptitude when we browse these.  The point of this blog was for me to learn, so I have to learn from mistakes.

I'll be honest about this though, taking pictures of mistakes is boring and annoying and that is surely a barrier to posting.

I had grand plans for how these would turn out.  I pictured something that looked a little inside-out, deconstructed, disdressed to go with the soft, nubbiness of this gorgeous yarn.

Yuck.  These are just not what I was picturing.

My knitting usually turns out pretty well from patterns, but when I try to go my own with a design, it just doesn't work yet.  These will be promptly frogged but I'm not sure what they will turn into yet.  Because of the price I only have two 70 yard skeins.

This one probably has more hope, but since I really don't like summer clothes, my enthusiasm for finishing this is waning.  I used this tutorial, and I love the ribbon I made from the fabric, but other than that, I'm not so crazy about the fabric.  I tried to double layer it since it's so sheer, and then silly me, put the under-layer seams on the wrong side.  Then the armhole is funny.  And now it's getting funnier when I try fix the seams.  Avalanche here.

Blah.  I think what this means is that unless I'm going to love the finished product enough to work through the flaws, don't even bother.  I think I just wanted to try this tutorial and grabbed whatever fabric I've had on hand forever.


  1. Mandy Chambers26.7.12

    You are brave to post about your mistakes. Sometimes I think my seam ripper is my most important tool ;)
    Uggg, I do hate it when I have spent so much time on something and it turns out yucky.

  2. smunch26.7.12

    Ha! I don't know if I'm brave, but I don't like to bullshit! My seam ripper is very busy too, but the problem is that I sometime lose the motivation even if something is salvageable. I need to include expectations for re-does in the entire process, I think.

  3. Kristina27.7.12

    It's good to see the failed projects as well, thanks for showing them! I have a couple of failed tops and skirts in my wardrobe that have turned out really yucky or that just don't look like I expected them to. I happens and I usually just stuff them somewhere far in a corner and pretend I'll try to fix them one day (which I never do because by then I've totally gone off the item ;) ).

  4. smunch27.7.12

    Thanks for appreciating the failures ;) I have a metal tub next to my sewing machine full of things I need to fix and it is almost three times higher than the tub. I need to set aside a weekend to pare it down, but that never sounds as fun as starting a new dress or top, you know?

  5. juanita29.7.12

    There, there. Mistakes are common, but most people won't show them off on their 'my-life-is-perfect-and-beautiful' blogs. Good on you, for keeping the rest of us sane. (I share my failures, too.)

    I am new to your blog; came here via Burdastyle.com from the Gabby dress. So, HI !
    Loving your crafty works and blog -- tracked back to January's posts. Stalker, much? :D

    Happy to have found your blog, and will be back for more of your great sewing skills!

    P.S. I am a newbie to sewing; I knit, crochet, blog, thrift-shop, the works.


  6. smunch30.7.12

    Thanks for your compliments! I hope I didn't make it sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself or need comforting - I have no problem acknowledging I make mistakes and I hope other people feel comfortable doing it too.