um, i do this.

I wasn't going to tell anyone until I saw this picture.

via Knit One, Poet Too, not sure where she got it

Except no one yells at me because I stop when the light turns green.  Promise.  It's the reason I got deco and my socks done in the time I did.

Hey, I drive a lot for work all day!  My mom could not stop laughing when I told her a couple months ago.  I'm an addict.


  1. Kristina19.7.12

    Haha, I'd love to see you knitting away in the car :)) I used to knit on the train on the way to work but now I mostly go by car because it saves so much time. I always got some funny looks and I once dropped a needle in between the seats and spent 5 minutes on my knees around the seats looking for it.
    People in Germany would go mental if I knit through rush hour, lots of very aggressive drivers over here.

  2. smunch19.7.12

    I miss knitting on the train! That's funny about dropping the needle. I've done that in the car! I never, ever knit while driving, and I usually can knit without looking, so I know when the light turns green. No honks yet!