just some socks

After two and a half months of sweater-knitting, a pair of socks in a week was a nice "instant" (loose use of the word) gratification.

Pattern:  simple socks by Madeline Tosh
Yarn: Shalimar Yarns Breathless

Wound up, the yarn looked ballet-esque, pinks, whites, and grays.  I don't think they ended up that way though.  Starting these socks looked like this:

1.  Knit a small swatch and ogle the pretty colors and the way they combine.
2.  CO 56 st with size 3 needles and realize they are too big.
3.  CO 52 st with size 3 needles and angst over the way they start to stripe instead of beautifully blend together.
3.  Start knitting armwarmers but realize they look like a 2-year-old's pink sweater.
4.  Give up and submit to striped socks and CO 52 st again until I realize that the gauge is now too loose.
5.  CO 52 st with size 2 needles and marvel at how suddenly the yarn pattern becomes more like stripey clouds and finish two pairs of socks.

Somehow it felt like more than 5 re-starts.  Maybe I'm missing a step.  It was entirely ridiculous nonetheless.

And guess what?  After I took these pictures I realized I dropped a stitch when I kitchener-ed the toe.  Woops.  One more unravel (hopefully).

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