let's pretend...

...it's fall.

I'm all set with summer. I don't hate summer, but I love fall the most and the heat has overstayed it's welcome. 

Soo... I'll start with Muir, which I started a year and a half ago! This was kind of an in-between projects project and I'm going to miss knitting it.

I used three skeins of  DROPS Alpaca, CO 93 st instead of 125, doing 2 pattern repeats instead of 3, and only 8 repeats of the whole chart - this is much smaller than the original pattern.  For the BO I was running out of yarn, so I BO 3 st between each picot instead of 2. I still ran out of yarn and had to snip a tail from another end to do the last dozen stitches or so!  I really have a knack for taking it to the last inch of yarn.

So, there it is, you will be seeing no more summer productions from me. Truthfully, I have always disliked most summer clothes and I LOVE fall clothes, the colors, sweaters, jeans, boots, scarves, all of it [add:  LAYERS!  I love layers.  My favorite part of fall clothes].  

And you know what I'm going to do? As I make each piece, I'm going to pack it away, one by one, in a nice little box and I'm not going to look at it again. Come October (because we all know September is not fall down here) it will be like a birthday present/Christmas/fall shopping surprise! Oh my goodness. I can't wait.

[A commenter made me think of a tip for anyone knitting this project - to be able to find where I left off, I placed a safety pin on the first picot of every chart repeat, that way I could just count picots to where I left off]

Note to self when blocking lace: keep it pretty wet because by the time you've got all the wires and pins set up, it is dry and still scrunched up.


  1. Thewallinna3.8.12

    This shawls is so beautiful ! It looks weightless. Autumn is also my favorite season: I love layers and accessories. But I still enjoy hot summer: shorts, swimsuits and maxidresses :)

  2. Mandy Chambers3.8.12

    Very pretty! I would NEVER have the patience to knit something so delicate. I've got a couple of old 'stop and start again' knitting projects in my closet. But when I pick them back up, I can't remember where I left off. Kudos to you for keeping it up!

  3. smunch4.8.12

    Thank you! It does take a lot of focus, but it keeps you interested - sometimes I don't like straight stockinette because it's boring (although it's a good TV knit). That's so funny about not knowing where you've left off - I have definitely done that before!

  4. Kristina4.8.12

    Beautiful, Lauren!!! Very elegant, I always love grey. And I'm generally in awe of everyone who knits patterns like that :) I love the idea of packing away your fall presents!
    I'm not done with summer yet, I've let my sewing machine gather dust for so long that I'm only now getting in the swing of summer sewing :) But then we've only had like 5 warm days or so it feels!

  5. smunch4.8.12

    Thank you! Yes - layers, that is the other thing I forgot to put in there that I love (I have to add that). Whenever I'm dressing in the summer I always wish I could put a cardigan or layer my shirts but it seems like I'm trying to figure out how close to naked is still appropriate!

  6. smunch4.8.12

    Thanks Kristina! I love grey too, it's all I ever want to knit with. I'm looking for some good grey yarn for a cardigan now.
    Can't wait to see what you make!

  7. I am with you Lauren - I love fall and can't wait to be rid of summer. I love this piece that you have been working on. It's beautiful! MOM

  8. This is beautiful! It will be perfect once fall rolls around. And I, like you, think it can't come soon enough!

  9. smunch5.8.12

    Thanks, Mom! Maybe you should pick up those knitting needles too...!

  10. smunch5.8.12

    I don't know what is up with Disqus - some comments don't show up here but they are emailed to me...: vanessa has left a new comment on your post "let's pretend...": This is beautiful! It will be perfect once fall rolls around. And I, like you, think it can't come soon enough! Thank you so much! You knit some beauties too, I appreciate the compliment!