update on nothing

Life, knitting, and ambivalence about what to make next gave me a little forced hiatus on sewing.  I'm eager to back to it though, so I should have a something in the works soon.  Allusions towards a completed knitting project seemed to have jinxed me, so I'll just keep quiet about that.

Until then, a little green pepper from our community garden plot.  Aw!  It's so cute.  It's the first pepper we ever got to pick and eat - in Providence they always got munched off the plant and I can't figure out what creature did it there but doesn't in Baltimore.  I'm sure we have all the same rats, mice, and squirrels.  You could easily convince me that the creatures in Providence are more evil though.


  1. Kim Cord18.6.12

    Congrats on the beauuuuuuutiful pepper!  But I need it sitting next to something to show scale. 

  2. smunch18.6.12

    Well, I ate it.

    Maybe 4 inches high?

  3. Sooo cute! We're growing peppers in our backyard, and something is definitely devouring them. Same with my basil; grasshoppers LOVE it.

  4. smunch19.6.12

    bummer about the peppers - good to know about grasshoppers and basil, i had no idea.  so far the basil's making out ok i think.

  5. Yum! Hope it tasted as good as it looks! I'm having bad luck with my peppers this year...I bought a variety I liked and which usually is very mild. I have like 5 plants full of peppers from the same type...and I just tried one the other day and it was so hot I couldn't eat it. So it was the wrong type of pepper :( I'll be giving them all away which is such a shame.
    At least you're enjoying yours :)) Do post photos of your plot some time!