vintage-inspired bowtie GIVEAWAY

Hi folks!

In my absence I have been working away (and watching Twin Peaks every night, let's be honest) and last week I did a test pattern for Stefanie from A Common Thread.  I loved it so much I made a little stash of these adorable vintage-inspired bowties and I thought that I would love to share the goods, so I'm sharing them with YOU!

These things are so friggin' cute.  As I was finishing the first one, sitting alone there in my sewing room, I turned it over and said out loud, "That is so CUTE!"  I was overtaken.

Not only cute, but so fun to make and a great stash-buster (I love the chance to use my favorite fabrics over again).  The best part about this giveaway is that no matter what you can make your own bowtie!  The pattern is for sale in Stefanie's etsy shop, I Make It You Make It.  I highly recommend you check out her shop, there are other great little patterns available for really clever stuff.  This pattern is super-thorough and easy to follow AND she allows you to make to sell, as long as you, of course, credit her pattern.  How great is that?  Maybe I should charge you guys.  Just kidding.

So here's the deal: leave a comment on this post by the end of the day on Sunday, July 1 (and make sure you leave a way for me to contact you!).  Depending on the number of entrants, it may be all three for one winner, or one each for three separate winners.  Open to the whole world, because I love my international readers and I love reading my favorite international blogs.  Closed.

And although I discovered as soon as I clipped the polka dot one to this little blouse that I will be making another one of those for myself, if the collar isn't your thing, how about clipping it in those gorgeous locks...

Or clipping it to a necklace!

Good luck!