wilma flintstone

Pattern: Sleeveless Blouse, Burda 9/2011
Fabric: Summersville Brushstroke Coal from Dry Goods Design

Love this fabric, love this pattern. Although the fabric makes it hard to make out the pleats at the neck, I still like it.  I feel like some kind of a modern-day Wilma Flintstone, which is kind of awesome, I think?

It looks like I have some kind of crazy mohawk hairdo here!

The buttons are from my inherited stash from my Nonna (didn't realize until I put this skirt on today, but I used the same buttons here).

Here's a closer look at the neck and pleats. 

I really like this pattern, the collar, the pleats, the way the back yoke comes over to the front, the bias strips on the armholes, and the length. Those Burda printouts sure make you work for your prize though (nothing matches up!  I'm always surpised it ends up working out in the end). I read that a few people found their size to be too big, so I went down a size - it's a little snug but it works. 

I was glad I've made a [3!] tova tops because that made the construction of the collar a little easier to understand.  I also handstitched the edges of the front facings - I didn't see any instructions to finish them.  I'm going to make another one of these down the road - with a material that allows you to see the pleats more clearly.


  1. This pattern isn't so much my thing, but I like the fabric + button combination you've used. Also this is probably the most visually arresting version of this pattern I've seen (Blade runner-Wilma mashup) XD

  2. smunch11.6.12

    I'm not usually into button-downs, but I liked the neck/shoulder part.  Sometimes I'm still not sure how I feel about the overall finished product after looking at these pictures - you are right it is striking, which is not always my style, but my first reaction after putting it on was that I liked it?  Blogging sure is an interesting mirror to hold up to yourself.

  3. Katie11.6.12

    supercute! the pleats are really nice

  4. heehee is the white really white? I was just thinking it would prob. look awesome under uv strobe at a nightclub XD You might get a lot of half smashed ravers following you around though XD Ah I love disqus, thanks so much for setting it up.

  5. Lauren, I LOVE this!! I think it looks fantastic on you. Striking yes, but in a really good way! Love the blue buttons with the black and white :) i thought the original version looked too big on the model, so I think yours looks perfect.

  6. smunch12.6.12

    thank you!

  7. smunch12.6.12

    Oh, thanks, I'm glad to hear that!  That makes me feel better :)