kimono dress

This is Pattern Runway's Kimono Dress. I only recently learned that some patterns are only for wovens or knits but I have decided to continue to ignore that apparently. The result is a little clingy and maybe frumpy at some angles, but I LOVE this fabric, so I hack-jobbed it, er, I mean, made it work.

I was thinking, while making this, of changing the name of this blog to Hack Job.  Only sort of kidding.  Here you go:

1.  This fabric (some kind of double-layered knit in the remnant pile) was not wrinkled before I was it twice and is un-ironable.  Maybe this is not machine washable fabric?  Hmm?

2.  I used a crazy zig-zag stitch resulting in wavy seams and thread showing through.  I'm not too picky so I don't really care, but I read if you lowered the feed dogs you could reduce the wavy seams.  Too bad I'm afraid of my sewing machine and can't do that.

3.  I did not finish any edges.  I use the excuse that I like unfinished knit edges, but really I'm afraid to stich one more stitch into knit fabric than I have to.  I therefore used no facings either.

4.  I stink at elastic - the waistband is all wonky.

5.  Lightweight knit fabric makes buttons sag:

 But you know what? None of that matters because I adore this fabric and I still like this dress!

I was lusting after this necklace this weekend but I can't have it, so I found some big crocheted beads I bought years ago and made my own big bead necklace.  I love blue and orange together.

This is another solid pattern and I will surely make more kimono dresses (maybe in a recommended fabric?)  I'm on a sewing kick lately what do you know?  In a week or two I should hopefully have my first knit garment post in I don't know how long...


  1. Gasp! This is GORGEOUS. I want this dress and that necklace. I can't see any of the 'mistakes' at all, and that fabric is to die for. Those two colours look fab together. Nice work!

  2. Anonymous4.6.12

    Ok I love the fabric, don't iron the crinkles out alright? It looks cool the way it is. To prevent crazy seams, reduce the upper thread tension (regular should be around 4, for knits reduce to 3 or even 2.5- you should have a dial somewhere for this). Instead of zigzag stitch use lightning stitch on the smallest stitch setting (or auto). For elastic use a straight stitch on tension 2 at the longes stitch length to baste stitches on to where the elastic should be. Make two rows if you want to be very specific of where your elastic should go. Then use zigzag stitch on a higher tension to sew the elastic in (stretch the elastic as you sew but don't stretch the fabric). Hope that helps. The dress is cool, don't sweat it and keep rocking.
    On an aside, Please install disqus so I don't have to deal with the blindness inducing hideousness that is recaptcha, when I want to comment. Disqus handles spam blocking for you (it uses Akismet, the same algorithm that's built into Wordpress) and enables cross platform commenting while keeping tabs on comments, responses, pings and trackbacks. Please, please, please..

  3. saw this on burda style and favorited it, don't be discourage, it turned out awesome and I agree that I like the wrinkled look, I wondered if you dyed the fabric  yourself - but it sounds like you bought it that way.  The necklace looks great with it too, awesome job, keep sewing!

  4. Saw this on burdastyle, I love this dress! Anything really loose and flowy like this is awesome to me. Great job! Also, I think the wrinkles in the fabric look nice; they definitely look purposeful.


  5. smunch5.6.12

    Thank you!  You know I don't mind the wrinkles either - but I think they are just a sign I wasn't supposed to wash it :)  I'm happy with it.

  6. smunch5.6.12

    Thanks!  I like it despite my missteps, I actually think they're funny for the most part and am happy I still came out with something I like.

  7. smunch5.6.12

    Thank you so much!  Isn't that fabric great?  I should have mentioned it cost me $6.  !!!!!

  8. smunch5.6.12

    Yikes, sorry!  I changed it and I'll figure it out along the way.

    I have pretty basic machine, and I'm not sure what lightning stitch is and I don't think there's any auto setting.  On the elastic I did use the longest stitch - I think my problem is probably stretching the elastic evenly while I sew, as well as making sure not to stretch the fabric like you mentioned.

  9. Jane5.6.12

    I just started sewing and chose this pattern because it was designated "novice". Suffice to say I had to wrestle with it quite a bit, especially the elastic waist, and not sure my garment is street worthy. Anyway, thanks for sharing your project (which is lovely), and I love hearing from someone who, like me, is ok with imperfection when it comes to sewing.  :)

  10. Kim Cord5.6.12

    You're on a roll with these projects!  Love them all :)

  11. smunch5.6.12

    Thanks!  This dress would look good on you actually.  Maybe I should track down another couple yards... :)

  12. smunch5.6.12

    Keep it up!  I want to try not to take myself too seriously and I tend to like these imperfections because they mean it's handmade.  Good luck with your sewing!

  13. What a great summer dress! I love the fabric and it looks great on you with the necklace :))

  14. smunch7.6.12

    Thank you!