something's not quite right

Lately, I've been trying things that don't seem to work.

I've been itching to sew some clothes, so I set out on saturday to sew a Wiksten Tank with sleeves (inspired by Kristina's top).

So I promptly cut the pattern for the Tova Top.  The Tova Top is not the Wiksten Tank.  I realized after cutting the front and back.  Then I walked away.

Then I bought one can of spray paint that lasted me only so long (this turned out ok; more later).

And then Meredith.  Oh my goodness, Meredith.  This sweater has given me more grief than all knitting and sewing mistakes of mine combined.

I started this sweater in fall of 2008.  An 11-color fair isle is not recommended for a first sweater.  I tend to be a little "sink or swim."  I'm sinking.  There have been either 3 or 4 iterations of this sweater over the years as I have pulled it out completely multiple times due to incorrect gauge/poor fit (I do think the shape of the pattern is strange and made adjustments anyways).  After a 2+ year time out, I pulled it out for 2012, and thought I had it figured out.  Well, here it is compared to my nicely-fitting humanoid knockoff

My gauge is off by two stitches per four inches (28 instead of 30).  But I also knit down to adjust the waist-shaping, knitting an XS after the initial waist decreases. 

Against my better judgement, I am determined.  But I think I need to do something drastic.  Either I am pulling it out for the final time and adjusting the stitch count drastically according to my own calculations and keeping the gauge that I can't seem to adjust or... do I do something crazy like steeking?!  As scary as steeking sounds, not knitting this a 4th (or 5th) time sounds nice.  So do I just chop off those sides?  I don't know... I know nothing about steeking.

I also have a hat in the works that also is not working how I planned but I might just finish it up anyways.  And one small house project up next that did work for the most part.  I'm one for five so far?...


  1. Aw, I'm sorry it's all not working out right now! That can be so frustrating. I can't offer any sweater advice but I'm sure you'll figure it out! I still think that fair isle is far too beautiful not to become the sweater of your dreams :)

  2. That fair isle is the sweater of my nightmares right now. Overcoming that could make it quite dreamy though.