it worked, enough

I had a whiny post last week about how "nothing was working," and had myself a crafty little tantrum.  Here is the file cabinet with a shoddy spray paint job that I strategically painted and placed in such a way that you have no idea that the parts you can't see are still black or half-painted with drip marks!  This color was not my first choice - for some reason I picture lavender (?) but that is not a common spray paint color, come to find out.  Today I saw at Michael's though - who knew?

 Here's the other half of this room so far - more room for sewing.  Now I just have to sew correctly.

And look, a Valentine's rose, a pretty card, and a book about Sam Cooke.  Despite my best efforts not to, we celebrate Valentine's Day.  I'll have to try a little harder next year.

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