pacific northwest

Ugh.  I love it out there.  We've been back for days, but I've been too busy feeling sorry for myself for the simple fact that we're back, to acknowledge it here with a post.  Poor me. 


This was my first tiled picture - I know it's not very good, but I just figured out how to do it in Picasa and I'm very tired so that's it.  I'll keep practicing.


  1. Kristina4.10.12

    Glad you had a great trip! It looks just what I imagine the Pacific Northwest to look like...grey and mysterious and beautiful :)

  2. smunch6.10.12

    It is so beautiful. The coast is just amazing.

  3. i heart the dangly feet picture x 1,000. you are getting GOOD at the photography, friend!

  4. smunch7.10.12

    Aw, thanks! I took that picture about an hour into the trip after we found the vegan market (ohmygod) and ate some snacks in a little park on a board nailed to a tree stump high off the ground. We felt like little kids. I just sent you all the pics from the trip so you'll see another one of Mr. Smunch on the stump!