slouchy jane

OK, OK, so I know I was just knocking "trendy" hats, but I have to admit I love the slouchy hat trend.  I got this beautiful cotton yarn from The Yarn Spot.  It's Mariposa Organica and it is organic and fair trade and so soft and probably the nicest cotton I've ever knit with.

This took 3 skeins and it has a nice weight to it.  The pattern is Jane by Jane Richmond - I've since discovered that she has a lot of nice patterns, including several good slouchy hats, and I actually might have made a different one if I caught that first!

By the way, a couple of dresses I have made have caught someone's eye!  My Chloe was chosen as one of the Best of August 2012 and my Kooky Gabby was featured on Tessuti's blog!  Sooo cool!  I know I was lamenting not being worthy of their blog - I actually just have to be PATIENT.  Along with that not-so-gentle-with-my-sewing problem, I have a patience problem.  I sound like a scary person, huh?!  I promise, I'm not ;)


  1. Colette10.9.12

    I loved featuring Kooky Gabby on our blog...thank you! Next time I'll be sure to follow up a lot quicker and not let 'stuff' get in the way.

  2. smunch11.9.12

    Don't worry about it at all - that's life!