is it an addiction?

When you make something you know you won't like, with yarn you don't like, in a color you don't like, just so you can knit?

Strange, yes.  I won a prize basket at the Rhode Island Yarn Crawl last year (pretty cool!) so I've had 5 skeins of purple Berroco Vintage DK and the pattern booklet for the Shibuya pattern on hand for a while.  However, I was really unhappy with Berroco Vintage when I used it for Kaari (it pills and fuzzes a lot) and I don't really wear short sleeve sweaters (it seems like an oxymoron) and I don't like the color purple very much.

So I cast it on a few times then pulled it out because I knew I wouldn't like it.  But then last month I guess I just wanted to plow through my stash and see what happens.  There is nothing wrong with this pattern - just something wrong with me.  This is a really nice pattern actually, I made no modifications, it knit up quickly, and I love that you don't block it to keep the texture.

It took me forever to style this, and the shirt ripped when I put it on!  Boo.  I think I would like this paired with something mint though (which I don't own), so I'm not going to give up on it.


  1. I like it-it looks very pretty. Also I love that knit blazer/cardi (blardi?) you're wearing over it. Did you make that too? Should trace a pattern for it XD

  2. Kristina5.9.12

    I like it too :) Though purple isn't really my color either. But it looks lovely with the shirt and the blazer!

  3. smunch5.9.12

    Thank you. I did not make the blardi, but you are right, tracing a pattern for it is a really good idea!

  4. smunch5.9.12

    Thank you! It's the best I could come up with :)

  5. Lovely! But let me ask - if you don't block it to keep the texture, what happens when you wash it?

  6. smunch8.9.12

    Thanks! THAT is a good question! I suppose when I lay it out to dry I won't stretch it out too much? I don't know! It might be a while until I wash it because I don't think I'll wear it much, but I'll let you know what happens!