old news bag

Here are some terrible pictures of a bag I finished the night before our trip that's already become old news in my world...  I was too interested in photographing other things to give it much attention, but the bag came in very handy for hauling around a day's worth of stuff on vacation.

It's a giant box with a flat bottom and top and a heavy-duty zipper.  It's lined with plain gray fabric from this shirt and has a simple inside pocket.  Oh, and a patch where my iron melted a hole in the lining and I could not bear to make a third lining after the first one had been too small.

I used interfacing which I thought I would hate but helped keep the bag sturdy.  Now I regret not putting interfacing in the strap which has probably grown 50% by stretching out.  I may or may not fix it.  Man, I get so excited to make something new but when I have to make repairs, I drag my feet, maybe for years... like slippers I made my friend Cara for Christmas two years ago and just sent back with the holes patched two weeks ago.  Oops.


  1. Kristina4.10.12

    I really like it, simple shape and very cool fabric! I'm with you on repairs...I made a lovely skirt two weeks ago and after spending hours on the zipper the waistband didn't work. I'll have to rip it all out again and now it justs sits there waiting for me to gather up the energy and motivation to tackle it yet again :)

  2. smunch6.10.12

    Thanks! I don't think the bag does the fabric justice - it is a cool fabric.

    It is PAINFUL when you spend so much time on one step and it feels like for nothing. Sometimes I just can't even go back and do it again, unless I think I'm going to love, love, love it!