photo touring

Back in April I took a street photography tour with Photo Tour DC and I LOVED it.  And it scared the heck out of me too and I never got the courage to do more on my own.  Last weekend, Kim and I did another one, this one a little more basic so we could get to know our cameras better.  Our teacher caught me though - I had to admit I hadn't tried again since the last class.

This did help me start to learn... but wouldn't you know it rained halfway through!  We were all stuck in the Lincoln Monument and after clicking away so much I found myself drawn to the people again.  I'd like to learn to have a better eye for non-people subjects, but people are what I'm drawn to (as I think most people are). 

This one is my favorite... makes you think there's more to the story, you know?

 Look, it's Kim!

 OK, I did a couple non-breathing subjects too... I just didn't like them as much.

Not as overexposed as last time, but this time a little dark (well, it was dark in there). I've got a lot to learn about technique, but I love playing paparazzi.

Probably the biggest piece of advice was to force myself to more purposefully spend time taking pictures.  Realistically, I'm going to start with an intentional hour every two weeks to go out on my own.  And I'm saying it here so I can live up to it - another helpful piece of advice.  Will you be seeing any more pictures from me?...  (Uh, I started a daily drawing journal in August and haven't done it for almost four weeks.  We always have the best intentions, don't we?)


  1. Kristina15.9.12

    I like the first one best! I also think the one in the rain with the jacket over her head is interesting. And I agree, these are much better exposed than the first set of street photos :) I think an intentional photo hour a week sounds like a great idea. Don't pressure yourself but do push yourself :) A tough balance sometimes ;)

  2. smunch15.9.12

    I LOVE getting your feedback on photos! Thanks! We're traveling soon and I'm looking forward to using that as an opportunity to practice, now that I know a little more than the last time we were on vacation.

  3. Kristina16.9.12

    Have a great time travelling! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos after :) Oh, another thing worth mentioning is probably whitebalance. These photos were taken on a rather grey and rainy day, so they look a bit bluish. If you set the white balance on your camera to "cloudy" or "shade" it'll warm them up a bit. Just remember to set it back to "Auto" or "sun" when the light ist nice and warm. I actually use auto whitebalance a lot, but on really cloudy days experimenting with the different settings helps!

  4. smunch16.9.12

    That is super-helpful, I didn't even know about that. I found it on my camera as soon as I read this! Thank you!