oh my goodness.

 I'm in love.  Meet Cecil and Kobo.


  1. Kristina28.8.12

    You got cats?! Squee!! They're adorable with those white moustaches! Two boys and brothers from the looks of them? Congratulations!
    Cats are wonderful pets, our two give us so much joy. I can already tell you that sewing will be harder now because they will insist on lying down on every single piece of fabric you put somewhere ;) Your two look a lot like the cat we had when I was little, he was black and white with white spots at the mouth too.
    Have a wonderful time with them (I love the name Cecil btw)! How come I'm SO excited for you and we've never even met...the world of blogging really is a little weird :))

  2. smunch28.8.12

    I love that you're so excited! The world of blogging is a little weird, but that's ok ;)
    Aren't they adorable! They are brothers, 3 months old. We had a tuxedo cat who died last August (http://www.laricci-smunch.blogspot.com/2011/08/sad-time.html), so it took me a while to be ready again. Having two cats is new to me, I've never had more than one pet at a time. Lying on the fabric, yes - Elmore used to love to lie on my knitting while it was being blocked - that drove me more crazy. But he also used to love to sit behind my sewing machine and watch the needle go up and down and I loved that. I'm so excited, even for them to drive me crazy! But right now I'm sharing the sewing room with the litter box, so we're going to have to do some rearranging so I can cut fabrics again, they're quite messy.
    Thanks for being so excited for me!

  3. Kristina28.8.12

    Oh, I remember you writing about Elmore now! I'm glad you felt ready to have those two after a while. You'll love having two cats who get on well with each other. We deliberately got two as well and they play together and sleep cuddled close and lick each other clean and generally mean so much to each other. That was very important to us since ours are house cats only and we are away working most of the day. Have so much fun getting to know your two guys :))

  4. Twinnie29.8.12

    EeEEk! So cute. Yay, I am very happy for you! :) Am I blog stalking?

  5. smunch30.8.12

    Thanks! I know, they're adorable. So fun to watch. Are you blog stalking? Well, if I didn't want stalkers I wouldn't have a blog now, would I?!

  6. Anonymous1.9.12

    They are so handsome! I think you'll find two will be somewhat easier than one...they can keep each other busy. Have fun!