sometimes i make other things

Knitting and sewing top the list, but I think I like making things in general.

Now, to call my gardening making things might be a little egotistical, but I did help the little guys out, planting, watering, talking, ogling.  I get a little obsessed with the garden.  We've gotten some good stuff this year!

A melon?! We didn't know what would happen with these.
 Isn't his little face cute?
33 little tomatoes! These and the basil behind them were homemade sauce tonight. I make sauce too!

 These suckers were even bigger than they look in this picture!  One became zucchini bread tonight.

A few other things homemade this summer...

pasta from scratch...

a haircut...

and a failed attempt to make liquid soap from a bar of soap...

Speaking of my recent compulsion to confess my failures - I was super-excited because Tessuti Fabrics asked to post my kooky gabby on their blog!  And I kept checking and checking (I'm not even going to lie and say I tried to play it cool) and I never saw it.  Turns out they posted a link on their facebook page, and it came and went.  Oh well.  I guess not a failure, I should be glad it was facebook-worthy (although I hate facebook?), but I was kind of bummed.
[Update:  Guess what!  Tessuti did post my dress!!  Check it out here!]


  1. Tessuti.. sigh. The last time I stopped by their blog they had a post with a regular customer's pic with a caption like 'we're not going to discuss what she's wearing because she didn't buy the fabric from us'. I cracked up and didn't go back. Next week's Melbourne sewist meetup is there. I may buy a button. Or put a first instalment down on a zipper. Or not. XD

  2. smunch8.8.12

    Thank you for that. Good to know! Who needs 'em.

  3. Colette3.9.12

    Is this the blog post that theperfectnose is referring to?

    where we say "The top is made up in our viscose jersey and the pants (her first pair - check that fit) are a McCalls pattern (sorry, no details and not our fabric)"

    We receive many calls and emails from customers looking for the patterns and fabrics that we feature on our blog so this inclusion was made to answer those anticipated queries. If this isn't the blog post please point us in the right direction, as we would hope that none of our blog posts read in such a way.

  4. Colette3.9.12

    Sorry don't know what happened to the link?

  5. Julie2.10.12

    Just to let you know that your dress is on the Tessuti blog because I came here from their link (they posted it on Sept 9) It's a great dress.

  6. smunch6.10.12

    You know, I should have updated that on this post - Tessuti and I did make contact and straightened it out - I'm glad you like the dress! Thank you!