garbo hat

I tried to take pictures that didn't include my face, but that's difficult with a hat. 

This is the Garbo Hat, a tutorial by annekata.  Look, we used the same fabric! [I think] This tutorial was super easy - I used a 12" frying pan to trace my circle.  I love hats, but I really don't like most trendy ones, so this one was perfect.  I can't pull it off like Garbo herself, but I still like it!

It's lined with one of my favorite linens, but truthfully I'm not crazy about it as the lining.  I did sort of a blind stitch at the upper brim seam to keep the lining in place because it kept peeking out.

So, I have to say at this point my lack of ironing has become a personal trademark.  Sometimes I'm lazy or sometimes I iron but then sit down - but a wrinkled hat?  That's just impressive.


  1. c_riesberg23.8.12

    What a great hat! I have yet to try and sew one, but I hope my first one turns out as well as yours! I'll check that tutorial out.

  2. smunch23.8.12

    Thank you! It's surprisingly easy, I bet it will look great. Good luck!

  3. Kristina24.8.12

    Oh, I love this!! So elegant and the fabric is perfect for it! I'm sure this will get lots of wear in the fall. Off to look fot the tutorial :))

  4. smunch24.8.12

    Thanks! I think it is a good fall hat. I hope you make one too!

  5. Twinnie26.8.12

    You are killing me with all of these adorable things! I loooooooove it. And it matches my purse :)

  6. smunch27.8.12

    Thanks Twinnie! You're RIGHT it is the same fabric!