vintage finds

Oh my goodness.  I loved Avenue Antiques, once I discovered the downstairs

That place is so big I never bothered to go upstairs until last weekend.  It's even BETTER up there.  It's like vintage pyrex heaven.  I think I was in the whole store for two hours (poor Ben).  That place is a gem, and luckily I don't think anyone from Baltimore reads this blog, so I can keep it to myself a little longer...

Charlie Brown/heart monitor skirt (I don't know) - $10!!

 I'm working one of these plate walls - $6!

I untangled this necklace for 10 minutes in the store without knowing if it was worth it - my hard work paid off - $10!

And a vintage map of Massachusetts for $6.

Earlier in the week I picked up another addition to my vintage suitcase collection from Avenue Antiques and it's becoming a paper and pencil organizer for the kitchen because EVERYTHING ends up on the kitchen table.  This was half off - $7.50.

I know it's probably so tacky to list the prices but they're SUCH good deals!  You'll know if I don't list the price I'm embarassed to admit how much I shelled out for something...

Blogging has been slow because I've been waiting for my new camera (and now a CF card?!) and I wanted to take these pictures and others with it.  Hopefully today - I got the camera yesterday and I was sitting there with the manual in one hand, dslr guides on the computer with the other hand and somehow a third hand fiddling with buttons and switches and then I just put everything down to start looking for photography classes.  I feel like a baby learning to walk.  I'm SO excited though.


  1. Anonymous11.3.12

    loves it all. - twinnie

  2. Oh, I love the map especially! I have a thing for old maps :) What camera did you buy? Congrats on your purchase and have fun trying it out!

    1. I have a thing for old maps too, any maps, and atlases. I bought the lens you recommended and the body is Canon Rebel XT EOS. It got good reviews for the price, and I wanted to stay in a low price range - I actually got it pre-owned.

      I bought the lens you recommended because I figured I wouldn't be taking many landscape photos, and then we just booked a trip to the Grand Canyon next week - and I discovered that a Canon zoom lens we have on an old film camera fits my new camera! So excited. I don't know if it's a great lens or anything, but glad to have another option.

    2. Ah, that explains the packing...have so much fun taking pictures!