This might be the longest I have ever waited to post a finished project.  I finished this the second week of October.  You can see I am ambivalent about it.

My ambivalence is this:  I wanted to try knitting with cotton and I have to admit that it is a big adjustment from wool (I used Classic Elite Seedling - actually a good cotton yarn, it's just hard to get used to the lack of elasticity in all cottons as compared to wool).  This is actually a good pattern for cotton, since it is not super-fitted, but where I really went wrong is that I did not increase enough stitches at those bottom corners there, so the bottom edge puckers and folds under (see below).  Yuck, I don't like it. 

But I wasn't pulling out the whole border after I was done - that was an entire skein of yarn, folks!  (I realize that not wearing it for 5 months is more ridiculous).

So that's my Abalone.  Live and learn.


  1. Anonymous24.3.12

    The color and size is great though. It will go with so many outfits. Pulling out the border and re-doing it would be really annoying, but if it makes you go from "eh" to "yeahhh" then you should do it!

    1. Ugh. I don't know if I do like it enough to even bother... I'm not sure it's really me, but I think I was looking for a project for cotton yarn that would not need a lot of fitting. Maybe I should send it to you...!

  2. My Abalone did the same thing! I didn't want to rip all that icord border either. It sat unworn for nearly a year, and then I finally got so annoyed that I ripped the bind-off, and did this one instead, which completely solved the problem:
    Maybe give it time?

    1. Thanks for the tip! I guess I have to decide if I would even like it enough, were it fixed...