simple jersey top

I mean simple.  Like, it's basically a pillowcase.  But with less stitches than a pillowcase.

I got this soft, light, super-stretchy jersey knit, of course, in the remnants at G Street fabrics.  All of those adjectives = difficult to sew with.  My textile preferences often override what is suited for the project, or, what I am capable of working with.  I'd rather have an item that is less than perfect with fabric I like, than a nice garment with fabric I don't like.

Thus, the pillowcase top.

To keep it as simple as possible, I based this off my square top from C+C's tutorial and this simple top tutorial that I found via pinterest.  But even more simple.  I folded the fabric in half and cut it 22" wide by 26" long.  I cut a neckhole in that top fold and then sewed the two sides with a zigzag stitch (and a 3/4" seam allowance so there would be a little bit of a sleeve), leaving 9" at the top for the armholes.  Done.

I really like unfinished jersey edges (really, not just an excuse to only sew two seams) so I just made a simple, drapey top. 

This time I did try to iron it, but this fabric really isn't havin' it.

My only concern is that with time this could be easily stretched out without seams to stabilize it. 

Be gentle.

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