i made my own underwear!

don't worry, i didn't model it.
but i'm pretty dang excited about it! it doesn't look so pretty in these pictures, but it fits surprisingly well and is pretty comfortable. this will help with more ethical choices so i can minimize one more sweatshop corporation purchase hopefully.
these were a little tricky; i used this isismade tutorial. i drafted a rough pattern from a pair i already had, without disassembling those, then made a quick sample from an old tank top so i could readjust as necessary. then using that pair, i drafted another, more precise pattern. i wrote the stitch settings on the pattern because they are very different for the type of zigzag i used. i also made note of the elastic length (20" for the legholes and 23" for the waistband).
now, my zigzag stichting varied from a flatline heart attack to nice and even, so i need to practice a lot more than that. i did not even think about what the grey thread would look like on the legholes until i turned it over - i used white for the waistband, and have to remember to use white from now on. another note for the future is to stitch a little closer to the bottom edge of the elastic, because the elastic kind of flips over when i wear it. other than that, these are suprisingly... wearable.

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  1. Anonymous29.8.11

    i wish you would have modeled it... - Kim