living room updo part one

 so... ordering a new couch led to... painting the walls, which led to... rearranging the furniture, which led to... a new living room re-do. there's still a bit left to do, but i guess it's 75% done, so i'm going to post pictures piece by piece until it's done.

this first section came together by surprise (i was more skeptical than ben), but in the end i like it a lot and it's a nice little way to store his records.  this funky structure is actually a 1970's twin headboard i got at salvation army for $15 and the records are in grape crates we found on the sidewalk.

i tried to put together a vintage and modern hodge podge (since i love the vintage clutter) and i LOVE how the old map of my dad's new hampshire hometown (in 1867 and 1967 - there is little difference between the two maps), the handpainted birds from a french book, and ben's old pittsburgh pirate's pennant all came together.  my grandparents dancing in the 1950's, dried roses from ben on valentine's day two years ago (they were not dried when he gave them to me, that's obvious though, right?), and my mom's high school picture adds to the charm and the family memorabilia.  oh she's gonna kill me for posting this.

yes my picture is off center.  i'm still learning.  by the way, take a look at tidytipsy's thrifted decorating.  i'm telling you, i'd swap homes and clothes with her in a second.


  1. Lauren, it's unreal how much our tastes are alike...I also have a midgrey living room with a 1800's map displayed (of Italy though).
    If you're into decorating, I am just working my way trough a great book, "The Meghan Method", I think you'd like it! It's a totally different take on decorating and it's a lot of hours worth of work but so great!
    I love your headboard and how every piece on it has a story to it. And your records...I love that I'm not the only person left in the world who has records :D
    Thanks for linking to my blog ;)

  2. The similarities go on and on - I am half-Italian and lived there for a semester almost a decade ago, and met my family in Sicily for the first time. A map of Italy would be my next best thing!

    That book looks like so much fun - kind of gets your brain working the way pinterest has.

    The records actually belong to my significant other... but a couple are mine :)

  3. Now if only I could take photos like you!...

  4. Oh, I'm jealous that you lived in Italy! I have very good friends in Central Italy (le Marche) who I've known all my life and I try to spend some days there once a year.

  5. Living in Germany and going to Italy ain't too bad either! I think I'd choose that over going for 4 months a decade ago! I've never been back :( You're very lucky.