imogen cowl

i've taken a little break after something unexpected happened... which i'll write about on another day soon. fortunately for the imogen cowl, knitting was a good coping skill last weekend, and on top of knitting furiously during a recent trip to bar harbor, we're done.
i knit this using rowan cashcotton for a little stash-busting. i realize now why i had such a hard time finding the right project for this yarn (and i don't think this was the one); it has poor stitch definition and is fuzzy, but after blocking the pattern was more visible than i expected.
overall i liked this pattern - it was the first lace pattern i've done that patterns on both sides, so it took a little longer to memorize, but once i did it was pretty easy to remember. the resulting pattern is really pretty and it might convince me to knit another imogen pattern by carrie bostick hoge.
overall a nice little project: take a look at another beautiful imogen cowl just recently finished! (wish i could have done mine in 10 days!)
photo from mrsmurrayknits

i'm loving the quince & co. patterns recently and now that i'm starting to experiment with cotton (and worried about it's lack of springy-ness) i'm thinking about either this cardigan:
or a version/rendition of something like this (different sleeves, oversized and similar neck).
photos from quince & co.

any votes? i've got 6 skeins of gray seedling by classic elite (but can probably get more in the same dye lot if i need to).


  1. ooh, i really like the quince & co solstice cardigan. i'm adding it to my queue!

  2. Definitely the solstice cardigan. It's at the top of my queue too. BUT, now I might put the imogen cowl ahead of it. I love yours--it's gorgeous and perfect for fall.

  3. ugh, i have such a crush on cecily macdonald and her designs (solstice)!

  4. @Kelli Ann - I know, I'm not sure the yarn I have now is right for it, but I think I'm going to have to knit it sooner or later!

    @S - thank you!

    @Mrs. Murray - I haven't stalked her yet like I've stalked Carrie Bostick Hoge's patterns... I'll have to watch her next...