a sad time

i said i'd write about my recent pause.  we lost this little boy on august 12.

we took him in as a stray, probably around a year old or so, and had him just under two years.  actually, i had been looking forward to his september 'birthday' post.  he was always a sickly thing, and i kind of knew he wouldn't have a long life, but it was still hard and i still wasn't ready.  i still can't believe it.

he got sick really fast and we don't know why he died.  i was a mess for a little while and now i'm more at peace, but this is the first time i've looked head on at a picture of him and it's kind of hard to swallow.  it really broke my heart.


  1. I'm so sorry :( He was beautiful. I couldn't imagine losing one of my kitties, I know it will break my heart.
    He had a great life with you even if it was too short!

  2. oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. pets are members of the family, and it's never easy to suffer a loss of a family member. Big hugs.

  3. we lost one of ours last november, after 11 years, and it still hurts... i know what you are going through. always here to talk if you need it.

  4. Anonymous24.8.11

    Oh! I am so sorry, it is a terrible thing to lose a pet. I know when I lost Harper, I was devastated. It still hurts, but he is with us. Just like Elmore; with you always.

  5. Anonymous26.8.11

    Thinking of you guys, L... He's adorable and so lucky to have you as family. xoxo- Meg

  6. Anonymous29.8.11

    Oh no! I'm so sorry, Lauren :( I know how much you loved that little fellow. - Kim