magic marker socks

remember my little color dilemma from the 4th of july? i finally sorted it out by casting on 48 stitches and using the simple sock pattern from madeline tosh. well. "i sorted it out" i guess is somewhat subjective, if you call the resulting christmas-elf-striped-sock "sorted out."
i'm easy to please i guess, because i still like them. i happen to think that what they actually look like are white socks that some colored stripes on with magic marker, and for some reason i love that.
however, if i were to tell the truth, i actually wanted them variegated sort of like the heel below, but that seems to happen only if you knit back and forth. very few back and forth sock patterns out there though...
i did use reinforcing thread on the heel and toe and my sob story of the day is that i ran out of thread with ONE INCH left of the last toe! what?! shouldn't one spool be enough for a pair of socks? this was a sunday, and i was thrilled to think i had finished these socks in 10 days. i could not get to an open yarn shop that CARRIED reinforcing thread until the following thursday, and then four minutes later, my socks were finished.
i love foot modeling as much as i love clothes modeling. not a little bit.

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