i finally finished it! look, i'm so happy.
this is kakomu by kirsten johnstone (this is my second knit of hers, i made tetsubou back in february). i knit mine with plymouth earth hillside linen which has such a nice drape to it.
this was a labor of love. i knit the back in one week in april... and i just finished seaming this week. funny story, i've been sitting on about two INCHES of seaming for a couple weeks, and then, this morning i wanted to wear this to work. i grabbed it, a tapestry needle, and some yarn, and finished it up in a meeting this morning and wore it the rest of the day. i guess i needed a little extra push.
i ran out of yarn for the ties, so i switched to the light grey schoppel-wolle i used for these mitts for the tips and i really love the two-toned color combination. other modifications? here:
  • i knit the armhole decreases in such a way to make the armholes smaller (let me know if you want to know what i did and i will give you more detail).
  • i knit the neckband much shorter (about 4 inches between the last armhole decrease of the first side and the first armhole decrease of the second side). i probably should have added another inch or so, because it didn't sit quite right when seaming, but fortunately i have no problem doing a hack job in the eleventh hour.
  • i didn't understand the length of the front, so since i knit my front longer, i made this funny little gather on the bottom edges (see below). i kind of like, it although it does give the silhouette more hips. i guess the "silhouette" would be me.
as you can see from above i've given up on my attempts to a be a brooding, pensive model like other bloggers and i tried smiling. i'm gonna go with it. in no small way influenced by the picture below which makes me laugh out loud every time i look at it.
apparently i'm just a grouchy little girl.
p.s. i apologize in advance if this post comes out jammed together with no lines between paragraphs and many spelling errors. lately blogger will not allow me to go back and edit, if i even get to publish the post at all. blogger really is a &#$*# of @*&$.


  1. Beautiful!! what an amazing cardigan, I love the tie closure. Great job!

  2. Oh, it's beautiful and looks so soft and cozy! And I like the smiley face, looks so friendly :)

  3. Anonymous29.8.11

    you DO look happy! well, in all the pictures except for the last one. I like zee smile! - kim