striped toasty

these handwarmers were born out of searching for a project for this yarn. what i hate to admit is that i bought the yarn as a gift and then kept it for myself. awful. but i rationalized it in part by the fact that it wasn't a practical gift for someone who really doesn't knit/is a beginning knitter. excuses.

but i really loved this yarn, and mostly love these handwarmers, even though i'm not usually a stripe kind of person. i like even width, narrow stripes, sort of. what i didn't expect was for the lighter gray to look pink. but still ok.

the pattern i used is toasty, with the following modifications (also can be found here):
CO 40 stitches, 2X2 ribbing for 4 rows in dark gray, then striping two rows at a time.
After 32 stripes (not counting ribbing), started thumb hole. For left hand: K2, placed 6 stitches on waste yarn, CO 6 stitches.
Knit 11 more stripes (ending with light gray), then 5 rows in dark gray (so the rolled over edge would be solid).
Thumb: Placed 6 stitches from waste yarn on needle, picked up 8 more stitches, knit 5 stripes, then 4 rows in dark gray (for the solid rolled over edge).

i plan on making a hat with the leftover yarn; something coordinating but not too matchy. thinking of striping this pattern, with the lighter yarn on the knit rows.

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