the closest to red, white, and blue you'll get from me...
i love these colors!! but they're pooling and even though it's in this cool swirly-kind of pattern, the swatch had such a nice variegated pattern, that's what i expected for my sock. this is sock yarn. this should work, right? i CO 60 stitches initially and then, because of the pooling, thought i'd try 56. maybe i should try 64? the swatch was 34 or 36, i can't remember.
non-knitters just went to a happier place about a minute ago. i have a ton of stuff i've been working on lately, so more to post. the biggest obstacle to blog posts is certainly not a lack of projects, but taking the photos. i hate doing it because they never look good or come out the way i want, which i can partially blame on my cheap point-and-shoot camera with peach juice on the lens. since there's no expensive camera in my near future, i have to just keep plugging away and exerting patience. my deepest flaw.
geez, enough bitching now, huh?

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