the tomatoes have arrived.there are four varieties, but i only remember three, amish paste (which, until just now when i looked it up, thought were the little orange ones, but are actually the plum tomato-shaped ones) a beefsteak variety (big boy i think?), and black prince. so i'm not sure what the orange ones are, but they're all good. i made a teeny bit of sauce but mostly have eaten them raw, and that beautiful beefsteak above was eaten sliced with a little bit of salt.

the warmth that radiates from a giant just-picked tomato is amazing.

i can't boast the same about corn. corn is hard! this ear tasted not so great and was pretty much all we got. now the stalks are dry and dead and impossible to pull from the ground.

the animals (and by animals, i mean rats and possibly raccoons) eat the vegetables too fast, so i picked this little bell pepper too fast so i could have it first, and it was tiny and good. there are more coming!

i can't even touch the inside of the pepper and then touch my lips without running for water. these peppers look beautiful but are, wow, hot.
i just pulled all the carrots today and there are finally some legit carrots. two actually.
to add to the list:
  • italian roasters and jalapenos

what didn't work:

  • corn. maybe if we had more space we could make a square cluster and space them a little better. they might like more water too.
  • green peppers, only because of the critters

for the fall:

pickling cucumbers, broccoli, kale, and brussels sprouts


  1. those yellow/orangy tomatoes look amazing, were they sweet and delicious?

  2. actually, they really were! the first few weren't as much, but i had one today in a tortilla with refried beans and i had never had anything like it. they're really good, i wish i knew what they were!

  3. Loving on you today!

    Can't wait to see the fall harvest too!